Gone, but never forgotten.  A very special friend.

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Meet Hunter.  He showed up on our door step one day and just made himself at home.  From the very start, he was just one of the dogs.


Pup_Cat_1.JPG (23577 bytes)        Pup_Cat_3.JPG (46721 bytes)

Pup_Cat_2.JPG (34447 bytes)


Fish are another story.  He only stops fishing  long enough to catch a "cat nap!"


Cat_Fish_1.JPG (21483 bytes)        Cat_Fish_2.JPG (20609 bytes)

Cat_Fish_3.JPG (29975 bytes)


When he is not playing with the dogs or the fish, he helps around the office.  He makes a great paper weight and really knows how to keep that in-basket empty of all work!


In_Box_Cat_2.jpg (34274 bytes)        In_Box_Cat_5.jpg (36304 bytes)

In_Box_Cat_4.jpg (41950 bytes)     


He has never liked to sleep alone:

Hunter Toy.JPG (390858 bytes)          Hunter & Friends 2.jpg (128863 bytes)

Allie Hunter 01d.jpg (116813 bytes)


He's our Hunter!

Close-up of Hunter.jpg (32964 bytes)




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