Chase's Puppies


Titled puppies sired by Chase:



Highgarth Run Thrutha Jungle RA

Breeder: Kate Fulkerson & Betty Graham   Owner Kate & Conrad Fulkerson



Am Ch Highgarth Make It Better

Breeder: Kate Fulkerson & Betty Graham   Owner Kate & Conrad Fulkerson



Am Ch Shadesi’s Like A Rock

Breeder/Owner: Tami Marks



Ransom's Rosco JH

Breeder: Bernadette Brown    Owner:  Rita Boykin & Bernadette Brown



Am Ch Ransom's Meant to Be CD, JH (Group Placements)

Breeder: Bernadette Brown    Owner:  Tina Frausto



Jusright The Creeks Didn't Rise JH, CD, CGC
Breeder/Owner: Sally Wright



OTCH, MACH (Multiple HIT & High Combined) Sandyridge Eladsgar Tally Ho UDX3, OM1, RE, JH, MXP2, MJP2, NF, WC

Breeder:  Nancy Fletcher    Owner: Michelle Ragsdale DVM



U-GRCh Shadowmyst Dare To Dream WC, CGC

Breeder: Julie Reese    Owner: Kim Brown & Julie Reeves



Am Ch  Lochinvar Katch A Dream

Breeder & Owner:  Pam Mizuno



Ransom's Testament of Courage CD, JH, SH, MH (Pointed)

Breeder: Bernadette Brown    Owner: Susan Bonner & Bernadette Brown



Can Ch Mainland Singular Sensation (US pointed)

Breeder & Owner:  Shelah Frey



Ophir's Jabez Dream CD, CDX, UD

Breeder: Jenny Eppinga   Owner: James S. Dugger



"Breezy"  CGC 
Breeder: Chris Courtney -- Galileo Labradors   Owner: Christine Dorcich 



SR Shadowmyst Sandman JH WC (Pointed)

Breeder/Owner: Julie Reese




Guide Dogs sired by Chase:


Dog 1 Only.JPG (264036 bytes)             Chase_Pup_2_Only.JPG (137167 bytes)          Maple.JPG (484433 bytes)

                                                               Maple (breeder)





Here are some pictures of puppies sired by Chase



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Puppies.jpg (17138 bytes)Foxypups2wks1.JPG (24069 bytes)Sadie 1 Year.JPG (24342 bytes)Day 1 b.jpg (48838 bytes)

Haylee Jumping.JPG (51798 bytes) 2 puppies.JPG (16465 bytes)Libby_Working.JPG (72567 bytes)Snack Time.JPG (20523 bytes) Cute Face.JPG (25816 bytes)

Day Three.JPG (17767 bytes)Tally - 4.5 months.JPG (20431 bytes)Aislin - 23 days.JPG (15311 bytes)Water Dog.JPG (39479 bytes)

Aislin - 7wks.JPG (23971 bytes)Kona Match.JPG (10777 bytes) CH_Pic.JPG (126000 bytes)Chase Pup Chris.JPG (24242 bytes)Chase pup 2 Chris.JPG (18807 bytes)

Orange8wks.jpg (16717 bytes)Puppy & Newspaper.JPG (23525 bytes)Chase's Boomer2.jpg (74903 bytes)Chase's Boomer_Moving.JPG (43994 bytes)Rosco - 7.5 weeks.JPG (33078 bytes)

11 mos.JPG (125922 bytes)Raspberry.JPG (99302 bytes)scan0003.jpg (141112 bytes)Blue.JPG (105316 bytes)b

TW Head.JPG (77866 bytes)Z 16 wks.JPG (94992 bytes)Chase's_JH_Pup.JPG (121402 bytes) Chase's Gryph.jpeg (127057 bytes)Chase's_Toby.JPG (90451 bytes)

Chase's_Buck.jpeg (38501 bytes)TW_Standing.JPG (95892 bytes)Chases_Water_Pups.JPG (116108 bytes)Chase's Pups_in_Basket.JPG (89849 bytes)

Chases_Jude.JPG (101247 bytes) Chase's CurlyLarryandMoeJuly27-04.JPG (20463 bytes)

Chase_Son.jpg (297538 bytes)




As far as I know this is a full disclosure on his puppies:


I have not done a total count, but he has sired between around 100 puppies. Chase and the bitches he has been bred to have produced 22 puppies with good hips and elbows,  1 puppy with HD and another puppy with an elbow problem.  5 puppies with heart clearances.  The rest are all healthy and happy.










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