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3 months




6 months



Whelped -  13 June 2011     Color - Yy     

Hips -- TBD    Elbows -- TBD     OptiGen A by parentage     Eyes -- TBD     Heart -- TBD




Living with us at JanRod Labradors in Pacific Grove, CA




Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Mandursar's Mandate About Allenie English Show Champion Suttonpark Manifesto English Show Champion Saranden Saboteur Rocheby Old Smokey
Saranden Salishia
Mile Oak Cranberry From Suttonpark Suttonpark Fair Play
Perdita Promise
Allenies On The Move to Mandursar Allenies Mac Callum English Show Champion Rocheby Whiskey Mac
Allenies Stolen Moment
Caromer Imogen of Allenie Allenies Prince of Thieves
Carromer Starlight Express
Rocheby White Violet Rocheby State Occasion Rocheby Old Smokey Rocheby Navy Blue
English Show Champion Rocheby Polkadot
Brambleridge Rave Review of Bridgford Boothgates The Show Must Go On
Jubilee Mystic of Brambleridge
Rocheby Witch Hazel English Show Champion Rocheby Whiskey Mac Poolstead Pretentious at Rocheby
English Show Champion Rocheby Acorn
Waterbrook Genie Breeze Over Rocheby Old Smokey
Waterbrook Morning Breeze





Up Chance Easy Striker Samson Egan Cal






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